George Steel, Connecticut


Courtesy Angela Dean


[GEORGE STEELE, Cambridge 1632/3; freeman May 14, 1634; one of the
original proprietors of HARTFORD.]


SOURCE:  Probate Records, page 11 & 12:  Steele, George, Hartford.
Invt. 131 pounds…6s….10d…taken December 21, 1664 by Thomas Bunce,
Samuel Steele, will dated may 24, 1663.


I George Steele of Hartford, upon the river Conecticot, being very aged
& under many  infirmaties, but haveing the perfect use of my memory and
understanding, doe make this my Last Will:  Imprimis.
I give unto my Brother John Steele 50 s.  Item. I give unto my Daughter
Elizabeth Wates my old Mill, my bed with all the furniture belonging to
it, Also my vice, my warming pan, frying pan and fier pan, my fier
fforks and spitt, my skales and fen and twenty pound of leaden weights,
my pek hamer and spincers.  Also, I give unto my grandchild Martha
Hanison my best chamber pott.  Also, I give unto Moses and Micah Mudge
ten shillings apeece.  Also, I give unto my grandchildren, James and
Mary Steele, chests to each one.  All other estate not here bequeathed I
give unto my son James Steele, whom I make sole Executor and intreat
Thomas Bull and James Ensign to see my will truly performed.
Court Record, Page 29….2 March, 1664/5:  Will Proven.


Other sources for information on the Steele Family can be found in FAMILIES OF EARLY HARTFORD CT, by Lucius Barnes Barbour at the CT Historical Society