Transcribed from the Original Records,


Edward Doty died at Plymouth on Thursday, 23 August 1655, and his widow, Faith (Clark) Doty, married second, at Plymouth, on Thursday, 14 March, 1666/7, John Phillips of Marshfield. Faith Phillips was buried at Marshfield on Tuesday, 21December, 1675. She had disposed of the house and land at High Cliff, Plymouth, bequeathed her in Edward Doty’s will, by a deed of gift to her son John Doty..


[Plym. Col. Wills, Vol. II, Pt. I, pp. 14 – 16]


[p. 14] May the 20th 1655
In the Name of God Amen
Know all men to whom It may concerne that I Edward Dotten senir: of the Towne of New Plymouth in New England being sicke and yett by the mercye of God in prfect memory and upon matture Consideration Doe by this my last will and Testament leave and bequeath my purchase land lying att Coaksett unto my sons; my son Edward I give a Double portion and to the rest of my sonnes equall alike if they live to the age of one and twenty if they Die before then to bee prted among the rest onely to my wife I leave a third During her life then after to returne to my sonnes, And unto my loveing wife I give and bequeath my house and lands and meadows within the precincts of New Plymouth together with all Chattles and moveables that are my proper goods onely Debts and engagements to bee paied; As for my Share of land att Punckquetest if it come to anything I give it unto my son Edward; 


This being my last will and Testament; I Edward Dotten Doe owne it for my Act and Deed before these my loveing ffrinds whoe are Witnesses;
and Doe sett my hand to the same; the Day and yeare above


Edward Dotten
John howland his Marke
James hurst
John Cooke               Ther being many names besides
Willam hoskins          Coaksett I mean all my purchase
land According to the Deed


Att the generall court held the fift of March 1655; faith the wife of Edward Dotten Decased Did give up and make over all her right and enterest shee had in the land of Edward Dotten Att Coaksett or places adjacent unto her Children this shee Did in the prsence of the said Court; held att Plymouth yt Day and yeare above expressed;
The above written Will and Testament of Edward Dotten Deceased was exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the fift of March 1655 on the oathes of Mr John howland James hurst John Cooke and William hoskins


[Plym. Col. Wills, Vol. III, Pt.II, p. 12]
December the 12th 1675
Know all men that It may Concerne That I ffaith Phillips the wife of John Phillipes of the Towne of Marshfeild though weak in body yett being in prfect Apprehension and Consideration; bequeathing my sperituall state to Eternall God that Gave mee
90 The Will of Faith (Clark) (Doty) Phillips.
life In this my last Will Give and bequeath what I have in trust (as to my temporall estate) as followeth
I Give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary nine pounds according to my bill in my son Johns hands;
I Give to my Daughter Elizabeth six pounds, which is the first payment in the bill of sale from my son John;
I alsoe Give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary three pounds Due by bill of sale;


I Give alsoe to my Daughter Desire six pound Due by my bill of sale I Give to my Daughter Desire alsoe a warming pan;


Mr Perrigrine White Did before the Court make oath, that what was above written was Declared by the abovewritten ffaith Phillipps Deceased, before her Death, unto him in Reference unto the Despose of her estate as beforewritten;
Taken in the Court held att Plymouth the 8th of June 1675 * as Attests
Nathaniel Morton Seretary:


This Court Doth Order that wheras it Doth appeer unto them by evident Testimonyes; that what is abovewritten was the reall Will of ffaith Phillipps Deceased Respecting soe much of her estate as is above Desposed; This Court Doth therfore Graunt Letters of Adminnestration; unto the three Daughters above mensioned Respecting the prticulars willed as above said; and incase there shall appeer any other or more of estate belonging to the said ffaith Phillipps not Desposed of; the Court will order and Dispose therof as they shall see Reason and Cause;
By order of the Court
Nathaniel: Morton Secretary
Plymouth November the 4th 1676


Letters of Adminnestration is Graunted by the Court unto John Rouse Junir of Marshfeild in the Jurisdiction of New (worn) in the behalfe of him selfe his wife and Sisters: viz: Desire Sherman† and Mary Doten; to Adminnester on the estate of ffaith Phillips Late of Marshfeild aforesaid Deceased;
* This is probably a mistake for 1676.
† Mayflower Descendant, 11: 182.


[Court Orders, V: 163. Under date 10/20 July, 1677]
Wheras there is about thirty shillings of the estate of ffaith Phillips Deceased lying in the costody of John Phillips her husband; It is agreed by and between the sonnes of the said ffaith Phillipes; and with theire Joynt consent that the said sume shalbe payed unto the Daughters of the said ffaith Phillipes: viz: Desire Serman * Elizabeth Rouse and Mary Doten in equall and alike proportions unlesse the two younger sisters shall see reason in respect of the low condition of the eldest to consider her in that respect;