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William White died early after his arrival.  He married by about 1615 (Sus)anna (?Fuller).  She married shortly after his death, 12 May, 1621 Edward Winslow. Their child Peregrine was born aboard the Mayflower, and his cradle is one of the few relics remaining from the period.  


Children of William and Susanna:


Resolved, b abt 1615 m. Scituate 8 April 1640 Judith Vassall, daughter of William Vassall


Peregrine, b. 4 Dec 1620 aboard the Mayflower, m. by 6 March 1648/9 Sarah Bassett, daughter of William Bassett. 


Bradford’s Passenger List:  mr William White, and Susana his wife; and one sone caled resolved, and one borne a ship-bord caled perigriene; &.2 servants, named William Holbeck, & Edward Thomson


The Identity of William White’s Wife and her 2nd Marriage to Edward Winslow


There has been much confusion through the years about  (Sus)anna (?Fuller) White, later to become Edward Winslow’s 2nd wife. Bowman in his Mayflower Descendant volumes published a translation of the Leiden Record perceived to be William White’s marriage:


[MD 22:16] William White was married at Leyden, on Saturday, 11 February, 1612, the banns having been entered with the recording officer on Friday, 27 January, 1612, and published on the following three Saturdays, 28 January, 4 and 11 February, as shown by the three entries beginning, “t je de 28. 1 . 1612.” The record of this marriage is found in the Leyden Records, Echt Book B., folio 8.


Aenget xxvij Jary 1612
tje de 28 . 1 . 1612 Willem With Wolcammer Jong
tije de 4 .2 . 1612 man uyt Engelant vergsselschapt
tiije de 11 . 2 . 1612 met Willem Jebsen & Samuel Folle
zyn getrout voor zyn bekende
Jasper van Bauchem met
& Willem Cornelisen En Foller Jonge dochter mede uyt
Tybault Schepene Engelandt vergeselschapt met Ros
Dezen xie February 1612 emen Jepsen & Sara Pryste haer


Entered on xxvii January 1612
William White, wool comber, unmarried man, from England, accompanied by William Jepson and Samuel Fuller, his acquaintances, with Ann Fuller, single woman, also from England, accompanied by Rosamond Jepson and Sarah Priest, her acquaintances.
They were married before Jasper van Bauchem and William Cornelison Tybault, Sheriffs, this 11th February, 1612.


*William White of the Mayflower, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, R. M. Sherman and R.W. Sherman,Vol 1., Plymouth, Mass, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1975, 95-98, the conclusion is drawn that Anne Fuller, sister to Samuel and Edward was not the wife of William White. See below.


January 2000
[NEHGR 154:109-118] In this  issue, Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs, Director, Leiden American Pilgrim Museum, reintroduces the issue of the identity of Edward Winslows second wife in an article entitled Notes From Leiden:  Another look at the identity of Edward Winslow’s wife, Susanna (?Fuller) White.  In particular he examines the Leiden records, their translation and conclusions drawn by Robert M. Sherman and Ruth Wilder Sherman* of research carried out in their behalf by Dr. B. N. Leverland
in 1971  and repeated recently in The Great Migration Begins p.1980 (William White), p.2025 (Edward Winslow). 


In brief, Bangs provides additional translation interpretations, discusses the two William Whites residing in Leiden, the age discrepancy between the Ann Fuller and Edward Winslow, as well as other perplexities, and suggests the conclusion that “there is no conclusive evidence against the Dexters’ [H. M.and M. Dexter, The England and Holland of the Pilgrims] identification of Susanna White Winslow with Anna (Fuller) White.” 


 *William White of the Mayflower, in L. M. Kellog (ed) Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol 1., Plymouth, Mass, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1975, 95-98.