Richard More Family


Richard More was the only surviving Pilgrim child of four that Commander Samuel More(1), his father had put aboard the Mayflower in the Care of Carver, Winslow and Brewster.  Why would a father commit four young children to such a hazardous undertaking?  The tale is a woeful one. 


Samuel More, the childrens’ father was married at the tender age of 16 to his third cousin Catherine More, the heiress of  Larden, then 23, “presumably in order to keep that property in the family(1). Four children were born and baptised as Samuel’s before he became aware of “the common fame of the adulterous life of said Katherine More with one Jacob Blakeway(1).”  He also came to note the resemblance between most of the children to the said Jacob Blakeway.  


Subsequent to a divorce proceeding,  Samuel ultimately arranged with “honest and religious people”(1) to transport them into the new world; to see that they were properly lodged, maintained fed and clothed; that at the end of seven years they should have 50 acres apiece. It was his desire to remove them from “these partes,” where   “great blotts and blemishes may fall upon them(2).”


Sadly only one child, Richard, survived. With a marred paternal heritage, he nevertheless arrived in the New World with a heritage that traced to Malcolm III, King of Scotland 1058-1093(1)



bullet [2] Richard More bp. Shipton, Shropshire Eng, 13, Nov 1614, died in Salem after 19 March 1693/4 but before April 1696.  He married  Christian Hunt (or Hunter) born England ca. 1615, died Salem, 18 March, 1676 aged 60.  He married second, Jane (          ) Crumpton, b. abt 1631, died Salem 5 or 8 October, 1686, aged 55. Children bp. Salem, all by first wife, Christian

bullet Sameul, bp. 1642, living 1650, no further record
bullet Thomas bp. 1642, living 1650, no further record 
bullet Caleb bp 1644, d. Salem 4, Jan 1678/9 age 34, unmarried
bullet Joshua bp 1646 living 1660, no further record
bullet Richard bp 1647
bullet Susanna bp 1650
bullet Christian bp 1652
bullet Richard married by 1673, Sarah ________, living Salem 19 June, 1691.   Richard More, Jr. was called “Marriner”  He was commander of the William and Mary which left Boston for Barbados in 1670, and was master of the Hopewell on a voyage to Barbadoes and back in 1676/7 Children born in Salem:

bullet Samuel born 15 Nov. 1673, died as infant
bullet _________, no further record
bullet Thomas bp 1 June 1679, no further record
bullet Christian bp Aug. 1681, no further record
bullet Sarah bp Jan 1683/4, no further record
bullet Caleb bp 15 April 1688, no further record
bullet Susanna More married first,  prob. Salem, ca 1675 Samuel Dutch, mariner,b. ca 1645, d. July 1693.  She married seond between July 1693 and 6 January 1695/6 Richard Hutton of Wenham.  She married third, intentions Wenham,  11 April, 1714, John Knowlton.  Children “Dutch” bp. in Salem

bullet Barbara, 1677,died as infant
bullet Susanna,  1679, died young
bullet Susanna bp. 22 Sept 1683
bullet Christian, 1689, died young
bullet Christian More, died Salem, 30 May, 1680, age 28.  She married in Salem 31 August, 1676, Joshua Conant, mariner, b. Salem 15:4m:1657, died there bet. 11 July 1702 and June 1705.  Joshua was the son of Joshua and “Seeth” (Gardner) Conant.   Child (Conant) born Salem to Christian and Joshua

bullet Joshua, 12 May 1678, no further record


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[2] Mayflower Families Through Five Generations 2:121, Richard More