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1996.  Radash, Wakefield
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Dr. Samuel1 Fuller, the Mayflower Passenger, married, 1st, Alice Glascock; married, 2d, Agnes Carpenter of Wrington, England, 24 April 1613, Leiden, Holland, daughter of Alexander Carpenter; married, 3rd, Bridget Lee of England, 27 May 1617, Leiden, Holland, daughter of Mrs. Josephine Lee.  His sister Susanna married the Mayflower Passenger William White.


[MD 8:130 Marriage Records At Leiden and Amsterdam]


Samuel Fuller, say-weaver, from London in England, widower of Alice Glascock, accompanied by Alexander Carpenter, William White, his brother-in-law, Roger Wilson and Edward Southworth, his acquaintances, with Agnes Carpenter, single woman, from Wrington in England, accompanied by Agnes White and Alice Carpenter—her sister.
They were married before Andres Jaspers van Vesanevelt and Jacob Paedts, Sheriffs, this 24th of April, 1613.


Samuel Fuller, say-weaver, from England, widower of Anna Carpenter, dwelling on the wall by the Maryport, accompanied by Samuel Lee his acquaintance and future brother-in-law, with Bridget Lee, single woman, also from England, accompanied by Josephine Lee, her mother.
They were married before William Tybault and Dirck van Hogeveen, Sherff’s, this 27th of May, 1617.


Child, buried Leiden 29 June 1615
Child, Plymouth, died young
(Possibly) Bridget2 Fuller (Dr. Samuel1), married Henry Sirkman. [TMG 1:716]
Mercy2 Fuller (Dr. Samuel1). Living in 1651(Bradford’s accounting)  but no further record
Samuel2 Fuller (Dr. Samuel1) married, 1st, –; married, 2d, Elizabeth Nichols Bowen, widow of Thomas Bowen..


Child of Rev. Samuel2 Fuller, by first wife
Samuel2 Fuller, married Mercy2 Eaton (Samuel2, Francis1).


Child of Rev. Samuel2 Fuller, by first or second wife
John2 Fuler, married Mercy Nelson.


Children of Rev. Samuel2 and Elizabeth Fuller (second wife)
Samuel3 Fuller
Mercy3 Fuller, married Daniel Cole.
Elizabeth3 Fuller, married Samuel2 Eaton (Samuel2, Francis1).
Experience3 Fuller, married James Wood.
Hannah3 Fuller, married Eleazer Lewis.
Isaac3 Fuller, married Mary Pratt.