Edward Doty Family
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Volume 11, Part 1: Edward Doty through his sons Edward and John
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Volume 11, Part 2: Edward Doty through his children Thomas, Samuel, Desire and Elizabeth
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Edward Doty was a servant aboard the Mayflower.  His origins are unknown.  He died Plymouth, 23 Aug 1655.  Although Bradford refers to Faith as his second wife, there is no record of his first.  He married at Plymouth, 6 Jan 1634/5 Faith Clarke, dau. of Thurston Clarke. [MD 1:16 citing Bradford’s List of Passengers: “Edward Doty, & Edward Litster the servants of mr Hopkins. Litster After he was at liberty, went to Virginia, & ther dyed. But Edward Doty by a second wife hath .7. children and both he and they are living.”]


Children by his second wife were:


Edward, m. Sarah Faunce, dau. of John Faunce


MD 1:143 Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths  P.5


The Children of Edward Doty Senior and Sarah his Wife
1 Edward born the 20th of May 1664
2 Sarah born the 9th day of June 1666
3 John born the 4th day of august 1668
4 Mary & martha born the 9th day of July 1671
6 Elizabeth born the 22 of december 1673
7 patience born the 7th of July 1676
8 mercy born the 6th of febuawary 1678
Shee dyed the last day of november 1682
9 Samuel born the 17th of may 1681
10 mercy born the 23 of September 1684
11 Benjamin Born the 30th of may 1689


John, m. Elizabeth Cooke dau. of Jacob Cooke [“John doty senior deceased May 5th 1701.” His will and inventory are recorded in the Plymouth County Probate Records, Volume 1, pages 341 – 343. MD 6:77]


MD 1:144 Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths  P.7


The Children of John Doty & Elizabeth his Wife
1 John Born the 24th of August 1668
2 Edward Born the 28th of June 1671
3 Jacob Born the 27th of May 1673
4 Elizabeth Born the 10th of ffebruary 1675
5 Isaac Born the 25th of october 1678
6 Samuell Born the Last of Januawary 1682
7 Elisha Born the 13th of July 1686
8 Josiah borne in october 1689
9 Martha borne in october 1692


Thomas, m. 1st Mary Churchill, m. 2nd Mary______, widow.  There is some debate [TMG 1:575 citing TAG} that he may have been married only once to Mary Churchill.


[MD 4:233]Thomas Dotey of Plymouth being very sicke yett haveing the use of his sences and reason Did on the fourth Day of December 1678 Declare these following words To be his last will Namly that all his estate hee Gave absolutely to his wife Mary Dotey to be wholly att her Dispose and left it all with her to Improve and make use of as shee should see best; This hee Declared to be his will as above written; In the prsence of Edward Dotey and Samuell Eaton and Anne Sav[blotted]*; And it was Comitted to writing December the 5th within 24 houres after the Death of the said Thomas Dotey;


MD 1:143 Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths  P.7


The Child of Thomas Doty and Mary his wife
Hannah Doty was born December 1675


Samuel m. Jeane Harman


Desire m. 1st William Sherman, 2nd Israel Holmes, 3rd as his second wife Alexander Standish


[MD 12:48] DESIRE2 DOTY, the daughter of Edward1 Doty of the Mayflower, died 22 January, 1731, aged eighty-six years, according to her gravestone in the old cemetery at Marshfield. She had had three husbands and survived the last one nearly thirty years. By her first husband, William Sherman, she had six children, Hannah, Elizabeth, William, Patience, Experience and Ebenezer. By the second husband, Israel Holmes, she had two children, Israel and John. By the third husband, Alexander2 Standish (Myles1), there were three children, Desire, Thomas and Ichabod. The births of these eleven children were all recorded at Marshfield. [Ante, 6: 21 and 7: 134.] The daughter Elizabeth Sherman died unmarried; Hannah Sherman married William Ring3 (Deborah2 Hopkins, Stephen1); Patience Sherman married Josiah Wormall and died before her mother; Experience Sherman married her step-brother, Myles3 Standish (Alexander2 Myles1); and the youngest daughter, Desire3 Standish, married Nathan Weston4 (Rebecca3 Soule, John2 George1)


[MD 2:182 Marshfield VR, P. 6] William Sherman and Desire Doety (worn) ye 25 of december 1667


[MD 2:182 Marshfield VR, P.11] Israel Holmes and Desire Sherman were maryed ye 24 of November 1681


Elizabeth m. John Rowse


MD 2:180:  Vital Records of Marshfield:
John Rowse and Elizabeth Doety were maryed ye 13 of January (1674)


Isaac m. Elizabeth England


Joseph m. 1st Deborah Ellis, m. 2nd Widow Sarah Edwards


Mary m. Samuel Hatch.  


[MD 5:113] It has been shown that Faith Phillips had a daughter Mary2 Doty (Edward1); that Samuel Hatch of Scituate had a wife Mary in 1679; and that, in 1680, he receipted for his wife’s share of Faith Phillips’ estate. It is therefore evident that Samuel Hatch married Mary2 Doty between 12/22 July, 1677, and 28 February /12 March, 1679/80.