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Volume 15: James Chilton, Richard Moore
1997. 204pp. + Index
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Important New Mayflower Information! (12/99)
“Some original English documents have been discovered which provide further information about the CHILTONs of the Mayflower.


Mrs. CHILTON, Moses FLETCHER, and Thomas BARTLETT were excommunicated in Sandwich, Kent on 12 June 1609.  Original source record is Canterbury Cathedral Archives X.2.5, f153v.  This may be the first record of the prosecution of a female Mayflower Pilgrim for Separatist acts.


The CHILTON/FURNER alleged marriage has been reproduced many times in genealogies since 1962.  The baptism of Susannah FURNER may be found in the parish register of St. Paul’s church, Canterbury as follows:”Susan Furner the 5th daye” November, 1573.  The CHILTON’s first child Isabell was baptised on 15th January 1586.  Using old style dates, Susan would have been only 12-1/2 years old at the time of her marriage to James CHILTON, then about 29 years old. She would have been only 13 at the birth of Isabell. This is highly unlikely therefore, until evidence has been submitted for their marriage, Mrs. CHILTON’s identity has not been proven and remains a mystery.


All original source references may be found in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register Volume 153: Oct 1999, Whole number 612.”



Michael R. Paulick, Author 


Children and Grandchildren.


Source:  Mayflower Families Through Five Generation, Volume 15, Chilton, More, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1997,


James Chilton was born probably in Canterbuy, Kent England, and before 1556, as he was aged 63 in 1619.  He was the son of Lyonell Chylton and his first wife —   second  wife, the widow Isabell Furner was not the mother of his children.   He married in England, before 1587 poss. Susanna Furner, dau. of his step-mother.   His wife died shortly after Jan 11, 1620/1. James Chilton died aboard the Mayflower in Cape Cod Harbor, Dec. 18, 1620.


Only two of ten of his children are accounted for — Isabella, and Mary.   The remaining eight known children either died young, or there was no further record as of 1997. 


James Chilton, Wife Susanna Furner (?)      

Isabella Chilton bp. St. Paul’s Parish, Canterbury, Jan 15, 1586/7


Mary Chilton bp. St. Peter’s Parish, Sandwich, May 30, 1607

Isabella Chilton, death date unknown, married in Leiden, Holland, July 21, 1615, Roger Chandler, “batchelor from Colchester, England.”  He died probably Duxbury, bet 1658 and Oct 3, 1665.  Bradford remains the only reference for Isabella’s arrival at Plymouth, when he names another daughter that was married and came afterward.

Samuel b. Leyden, Holland bef. 15 Oct, 1622, prob. died young.


Sarah b. Leyden bef 15 Oct. 1622,  d. Bridgewater bef. Oct 27, 1675, married Duxbury abt. 1640 Solomon Leonard (Lenner or Leonardson), b. prob. Monmouthshire, Eng. ca. 1610, d. Bridgewater bef. May 1, 1671. 


Mary b. prob. Leiden after 1622, “with virtual certainty” the Mary who was wife of Edmund (Burfe) Bruff  (Bruff, Braugh, Brough, Burfe, etc) who died in Boston Aug 15, 1658.  He died prob. soon after his wife


Martha b. prob. Leiden after 1622, died Taunton May 1, 1674, married John Bundy, b. Eng. abt 1617, died Taunton after April, but before Oct 29, 1681, age 64.

Mary Chilton married in Plymouth between July 1623 and May 22 1627 John Winslow, brother to Edward, who arrived on the ship Fortune, and son of Edward and Magdalen (Ollyver) Winslow. Mary died, Boston, before May 1, 1679. John died, Boston,  before May 21, 1674. (See Wills) Ten Children 

John b. prob. before 1630


Susanna b. prob. before 1630


Mary b. abt 1631


Edward b. ca 1635 (based on age at death)


Sarah b. ca 1638 (based on age at death)


Samuel b. ca. 1641 (based on age at death)




Isaac b. 1644


Child, b. before 1650, prob. died young. Not mentioned in father’s will.


Benjamin b. Aug 12, 1653, died unmarried.