Half Of Pilgrims Die – Fortune Arrives 1621 – Ghosts Spook Rhode Island –

Billington Hanged – Doty Duels And Loses


Did you think our ancestors lived dull lives.  Don’t you believe it. They laughed, cried, toiled, moaned, loved and hated with all the human frailties and heroics we experience today. From Mayflower to daily life, you’ll learn more about them here and our companion sites  by browsing, using the content bar, left, above, or searching

NEW:  More new documents for New England at the Document Center.  An interesting scan of a copy of Oliver Alden’s Entries for Bridgewater, MA 1766-1845.

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What Price Liberty? 8.14 Million

A rare original printing of The Declaration of Independence — expected to bring millions, fetched the largest sum ever in an internet auction.  Click here for more


Hundreds of early American deeds, warrants, etc. to search or browse with more to come at The Document Center

     Please remember, the site is free and provided purely for background information and your enjoyment. It should be understood that as years pass, bits and pieces of Mayflower history and genealogies, in particular, can and will change, and as such, there will be errors and omissions. 

With  some 500 pages, the size of a substantial novel,   There is expansive material to browse.  Thank you and enjoy!


The Colonial Gazette — a new name and a new look, but still your “daily” commentary on how life went on centuries ago. Ghosts, witches, warnings out, weird wills, the strange ways of the town fathers and quite a bit more!


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Free-b-kins Web Art — Thinking about putting together a web page for your family history?  Here’s some web art you can use — best of all it’s free!


Another great resource, or course, is Ancestry.com.

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